Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear Conservative Editorialist,

by John Anthony

To those conservative editorialists and strategists who grab the Moet every time Mr. Obama drops one point in popularity: will you please cork the bottle until after the election?

To those who proclaim the biggest sweeping victory in 30 years, will you kindly look to the present, at least until November 2nd?

Your premature buoyancy spins our opponent's lethargy into energy. Your endless presumptions of yet un-won seats morphs our oppressors into underdogs and provides raw meat for the Obama grinder.

Congressional representatives are already deciding how they will negotiate with the President when we have not even had an election. Thank you for providing our sleeping enemy with a wakening cause.

We can sizably win this election. However, you are making the jobs for us on the ground ever so much tougher.

If you do not stop, the only November 'tsunami' will be the flood of tears as you reach for the Budweiser on Wednesday morning.