Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Healthcare Passes Through The House

Unfortunately, as you know by now, the House of Representatives passed Healthcare Reform. We are in the midst of a Culture War in this still magnificent country. As with all wars, we will not win every battle. Many of you fought hard and long in this effort. This was a particularly difficult loss with repercussions that have not yet been realized. No words I can write will soften the sting of Saturday’s outcome. Yet, we cannot let a defeat overshadow our triumphs.

With the aid of your resolve and vigilance, Bergen County and the State of NJ have elected candidates who have assured voters that they will move the County and State in a better direction. We do not know whether these candidates will fulfill those promises. If they do, they will have our support. If they do not, they do so at their political peril. We will be watching. This is a time for hope.

This is also a time to celebrate change in Trenton and in Bergen County ! (Can we still use the words “hope” & “change”?) It is time to “connect” and use our grassroots efforts to affect future council, school board and assembly elections as we strengthen our resolve for the Healthcare battle in the Senate and the 2010 election cycle, which as far as I am concerned, begins here and now!