Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recall Update

The recall petition submitted to the State to begin to take signatures was also sent to Senator Menendez last week (Friday) as requested by the Judge reviewing the appeal. This was only a notification to Senator Menendez that a request to begin taking signatures was submitted.

We are waiting for the determination from the Judge as to whether we can begin taking signatures. We may receive word as soon as next week to begin. The lawyers continue to submit any necessary paperwork to get the approval to proceed with the recall petition. Please realize that approval of the petition itself to collect signatures is what we are seeking. Once the approval is received to proceed we will call upon all of our members to collect signatures; the member groups of NJ Tea Parties United (statewide) will also collect signatures. Only when sufficient signatures are collected can the actual petition be submitted and a decision to remove Senator Menendez be sought.

Was it a coincidence that Senator Menendez after receiving the paperwork on Friday was all over the talk shows during the weekend? Perhaps or perhaps not….you be the judge.