Monday, August 23, 2010

We're All Community Organizers Now

by Laura Greer

State House Reps on speed dial. Email boxes filled to the brim with messages about Tea Party events and projects. Congressional contact info locked and loaded into Blackberry address book. A middle-aged mind struggles to remember new acronyms like GOTV (Get Out The Vote, thank you very much).

My summer beach reading morphs from Mary Higgins Clark’s latest mystery to the “5000 Year Leap.”

How did this happen?

There was a time – not so long ago – when American politics was a modern spectator sport.

We tuned in every two or four years to select what the Irish call, “The best of a bad lot.” Those of us who cared enough to vote did our best to gather information about the candidates and trudged to the polls –– voted - and hoped for the best.

This exercise in civil life was fairly simple. The pattern was established and there was comfort in knowing we fulfilled our civic duty. Life as we knew it marched on.

Candidates and elections came and went and not much ever seemed to change.

Or so we thought.

Under the cover of darkness, while we were quietly going about our lives, a cadre of radical activists executed their plan to overthrow the United States Government.

You can call them communists, progressives, Marxists or liberals.

I call them traitors.

These aging hippies are disciples of Mao, Marx, Stalin and Alinksy. They despise all that is good about America and its people. Their contempt for everyday Americans, our freedoms and the Constitution is palatable.

They are the same cast of characters who wreaked havoc in the 1960’s, when they incited riots, killed police officers and did their level best to topple the free market system.

We thought they went away. Instead, they went legit.

It took this fringe, radical group 40 years – but they achieved the ultimate prize – control of the US Presidency and both houses of Congress in 2008.

With break-neck speed under the cover of contrived emergencies, they are in the process of fundamentally transforming America – from a Representative Republic to a Social State. Our free market system, social compact, liberty and freedoms are dissolving before our eyes.

Is this the kind of change you believe in?

For the love of God, Country and the US Constitution, join us in the fight to restore America.

Put down your remote and pick up a protest sign.

Write letters to the editor.

Gather in your houses of worship and pray for God’s forgiveness and intervention.

Find a candidate who believes in small government, who will work tirelessly to overturn the bailouts and Obamacare – and contribute to their campaign.

Attend the local school board and freeholder meetings. Demand to get a copy of your town/city budget.

Call out judge’s for decisions that disregard the Constitution.

Fax, phone and visit your representatives (term loosely used) to protest latest assaults on our freedoms.

Email your friends and family – share information and widen your sphere of influence.

Educate yourself – read the Constitution, learn about our Founding Fathers, do your own homework. Subscribe to conservative publications – or read them for free online. The state-run media is corrupt – so it’s up to each of us discern truth from propaganda.

Join groups of like-minded citizens who are in the fight to roll back this radical agenda. If you can’t find a group, start one of your own.

Travel to lower Manhattan to protest the Mosque at Ground Zero September 11, or take the bus to DC on August 28 and September 12 to support the cause of freedom.

Leave your comfort zone. Join the action – time to get some skin in the game.

For the love of God, Country and US Constitution – join the fight for freedom.

Make no mistake - we are all community organizers now.